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New Zealand Stock Exchange Listed Companies( main board only)

Underneath you will find a table with all current New Zealand Shares listed in Alphabetical order.   There are a number of formulas/tools/searches available to gather and sort the data you need.  These are listed as follows:

  • Search across all NZX listed companies for Dividend Yield in high to low order. 

  • Search across all NZX companies sorted by Type of Business .

  • See dividend yield history in both chart and text format by clicking on "details" link in "Dividend History" column

  • Link directly to specific company website (if it has one) by clicking on company name link in "Company Name" column.

  • To make viewing and comparing different companies data easier click on Compare Data Here you can select companies of interest as you scroll down and move them to a "fine tuning" area. At this point you can either leave them, remove them or add others and can also sort by ascending or descending arrow.

  • Some companies have what is called a Dividend Reinvestment program. This is available (by request) to shareholders if they wish to have the dividend or part of their dividend, retained by the company and the cash equivalent be used to purchase additional shares. To see if a company offers this program look in Dividend Reinvestment program column. The actual details and link to the forms may be found alongside other dividend data in the Dividend History column link.

  • Use Desired Dividend Yield % link to see what yield % can be achieved at different Share Prices (assuming dividend remains constant).

  • Use Share History details column to link to a 180 day history chart of the Share Price.

  • The far right column Important Notes has a link to any pertinent data that should be considered when thinking about whether to buy and sell.  This is just a notes link and is by no way guaranteed to be inclusive of all data.


Please be aware that any dividend data and updates for companies are only entered up to and including y/ending 31-12-2021.  If you require current calendar year data please check the NZX website and the company websites.  

 (If you discover any errors in data please email us to let us know.)


Company Name
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go to their website)
Share SymbolDividend
Type of BusinessDividend HistoryDividends
per share
last year
in NZD

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