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The following links have all been vetted as to legitimacy and as of the moment of putting this web page together,  are all valid.  If a link is not working please advise us and we will investigate.

  • www.nzx.com is the home site for the New Zealand Exchange.   

  • To buy and or sell shares and get information and data about shares we can recommend

                  Direct Broking  https://www.directbroking.co.nz/directtrade/static/home.aspx        

  • Another option for Share buying/selling/information is www.asbsecurities.co.nz

  • To find out about any tax implications you can do a search on www.ird.govt.nz

  • To see what other share traders/holders are discussing (forum concept) see www.sharetrader.co.nz .  This forum is free to join but is a bit of a free for all and emphasis is not really on dividends but buying and selling (trading) for profit from growth.  Some of the threads have useful information but details should always be checked.. Lots of opinions but not all to be considered as having any substance behind them.

  • To join Shareholders Association www.nzshareholders.co.nz  There is a fee payable ($120).  Unknown quantity since no personal experience.

  • To get some coverage and opinions about business related material  www.stuff.co.nz/business/

  • To see what deposit rates are currently available www.depositrates.co.nz  

  • Sorted is brought to you by the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income (CFLRI) which was formerly known as the Retirement Commission. They are a small government-funded (but independent) organisation, dedicated to helping New Zealanders manage their personal finances throughout life. The idea is that the better you can manage your money now, the better prepared you will be for your retirement years. www.sorted.org.nz 

  • The Financial Markets Authority`s main objective is to promote and facilitate the development of fair, efficient and, transparent financial markets. Financial advisers are people who give advice about financial products. They include financial planners, brokers and people working for banks and building societies who provide advice about money and investing. There are different types of financial advisers and this affects the kind of advice they provide and the products they advise on. There are two different kinds of advice you can receive. You can receive personalised advice, tailored to your personal circumstances, or you can receive class advice which means the advice is usually suitable for people in your group or `class`. For more information about the kinds of information or advice you can receive, please click www.fma.govt.nz 

  • If you wish to talk with or be advised by a Chartered Accountant we can suggest Donna at www.cuaccountants.co.nz

  • If you are a new or relatively inexperienced investor...the NZX has a great option for you.  This is what they say. 

    NZX virtualTrading provides a virtual platform for people to learn about key investing concepts by actively trading virtual securities. Here you can trade at your own pace, 24/7, in a virtual/risk-free environment. Anyone is able to register and trade on NZX virtual Trading.  The securities and pricing provided on NZX virtualTrading are based on actual NZX listed shares and ETFs.  This product should be viewed as a fun educational tool to learn broad investing and trading concepts, not a trading simulation tool to test trading strategies before attempting the real thing.  https://virtualtrading.nzx.com/accounts/login/?next=/virtual/account/overview/  For more information please see our Education centre. Please direct all questions, comments and feedback via the Contact Us page.  NZX virtualTrading is operated by NZX Limited.

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