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Warehouse Group Dividend History.


Please note that the bar chart below utilizes only the declared dividend and any Special dividend.  It DOES NOT include

imputation credits (for NZ residents) and /or supplementary dividends (which are for non residents).  Information on

Imputation credits and Supplementary dividends may be either found further down this page or on the NZX website.

Shareholder Information

This section provides information for The Warehouse Group shareholders.

Share Price Information

The Warehouse Group Ordinary Shares are listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. If you are interested in buying shares in The Warehouse, you should contact your stockbroker or investment advisor.

Share Price Chart

Dividends - Policy & History

The Warehouse Group Limited has paid dividends on its ordinary shares every year without interruption since listing on the New Zealand Exchange in 1994. The Groupís current dividend policy was approved by the board in March 2014. The Groupís dividend policy is to distribute between 75% and 85% of adjusted net profit to shareholders. To provide shareholders with certainty around the level of dividends which are expected to be paid during the year ended 27 July 2014 and the following financial year the company has indicated it would target a minimum annual dividend of at least 19.0 cents per share (subject to no significant change in trading and market conditions).

Depending on the level of imputation credits attached to dividends, the Company may pay supplementary dividends to non-resident shareholders. Supplementary dividends offset the effect of non-resident withholding tax. The Warehouse receives from the Inland Revenue Department a tax credit equivalent to supplementary dividends and there is, accordingly, no disadvantage to New Zealand resident shareholders.

Recent Dividend History - Ordinary Shares

All cash figures listed in the table below are in NZ currency.


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