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Vital Healthcare Properties Trust Dividend History.


Please note that the bar chart below utilizes only the declared dividend and any Special dividend.  It DOES NOT include

imputation credits (for NZ residents) and /or supplementary dividends (which are for non residents).  Information on

Imputation credits and Supplementary dividends may be either found further down this page or on the NZX website.

Distribution Reinvestment Plan

We operate a Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) to give investors the option to reinvest distributions into the Trust. This means you can acquire additional units without paying brokerage, commissions or other transaction costs.

DRP units are priced at a rate equal to the weighted average of the prices at which units in the Trust are sold through the NZX during the 7-day period immediately following the ex date* for the relevant distribution. You can read the terms and conditions for the DRP here


How to register

Unitholders who wish to update their DRP details online should visit www.investorcentre.com/nz and log in using their User ID and password. From the ‘My Profile” menu please choose “Reinvestment Plans”, select Vital Healthcare Property Trust from the drop down menu and then either apply for or amend your Reinvestment Plan participation. If unitholders have not registered on Investor Centre, they will need their CSN/Holder number and FIN to access this service.

*The ex date is the second business day before the relevant record date for a distribution.


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Cash distribution

(cents per unit)

Imputation credits

(cents per unit)

Record datePayment date
 Dec-19 (Q2)2.18750.538112-Mar-2026-Mar-20
 Sep-19 (Q1)2.18750.217905-Dec-1919-Dec-19
 Jun-19 (Q4)2.18750.672512-Sep-1926-Sep-19
 Mar-19 (Q3)2.18750.276406-Jun-1920-Jun-19
 Dec-18 (Q2)2.18750.347715-Mar-1929-Mar-19
 Sep-18 (Q1)2.18750.033529-Nov-1813-Dec-18
 Jun-18 (Q4)2.1875none06-Sep-1820-Sep-18
 Mar-18 (Q3)2.1250.168807-Jun-1821-Jun-18
 Dec-17 (Q2)2.1250.154315-Mar-1829-Mar-18
 Sep-17 (Q1)2.1250.156604-Dec-1718-Dec-18
 Jun-17 (Q4)2.125none07-Sep-1721-Sep-17
 Mar-17 (Q3)2.1250.062808-Jun-1722-Jun-17
 Dec-16 (Q2)2.1250.091409-Mar-1723-Mar-17
 Sep-16 (Q1)2.1250.132005-Dec-1619-Dec-16
 Jun-16 (Q4)2.1250.283109-Sep-1623-Sep-16
 Mar-16 (Q3)2.125none10-Jun-1624-Jun-16
 Dec-15 (Q2)2.025none10-Mar-1624-Mar-16
 Sep-15 (Q1)2.025none4-Dec-1518-Dec-15
 Jun-15 (Q4)2.000none10-Sep-1524-Jun-15
 Mar-15 (Q3)2.0000.611704-Jun-1518-Jun-15
 Dec-14 (Q2)2.0000.229812-Mar-1526-Mar-15
 Sep-14 (Q1)2.0000.24664-Dec-1418-Dec-14
 Jun-14 (Q4)1.9750.768111-Sep-1425-Sep-14
 Mar-14 (Q3)1.9750.241912-Jun-1426-Jun-14
 Dec-13 (Q2)1.9750.248104-Mar-1418-Mar-14
 Sep-13 (Q1)1.9750.048004-Dec-1318-Dec-13
 Jun-13 (Q4)2.125none11-Sep-1325-Sep-13
 Mar-13 (Q3)1.925none12-Jun-1326-Jun-13
 Dec-12 (Q2)1.9250.2388014-Mar-1328-Mar-13
 Sep-12 (Q1)1.9250.2581003-Dec-1217-Dec-12
 Jun-12 (Q4)1.9250.0998007-Sep-1228-Sep-12
 Mar-12 (Q3)1.925none01-Jun-1215-Jun-12
 Dec-11 (Q2)1.925none08-Mar-1222-Mar-12
 Sep-11 (Q1)1.9250.1410030-Nov-1114-Dec-11
 Jun-11 (Q4)2.025none09-Sep-1127-Sep-11
 Mar-11 (Q3)2.025none01-Jun-1115-Jun-11
 Dec-10 (Q2)2.025none08-Mar-1122-Mar-11

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