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Til Logistics Group Dividend History.


Please note that the bar chart below utilizes only the declared dividend and any Special dividend.  It DOES NOT include

imputation credits (for NZ residents) and /or supplementary dividends (which are for non residents).  Information on

Imputation credits and Supplementary dividends may be either found further down this page or on the NZX website.

Interim Dividend Cents Per Share

Final Dividend Cents Per Share

FY 30 June 2019

2.5 cents

2.5 cents

DRP Issue Price


Record Date

13 March 2019

13 Sept 2019

Payment date

27 March 2019

27 Sept 2019

Interim Dividend Cents Per Share

Final Dividend Cents Per Share

FY 30 June 2018

2.3 cents

DRP Issue Price


Record Date

14 Sept 2018

Payment Date

28 Sept 2018

Dividend policy

The current policy, subject to business performance, market conditions and regulatory requirements, is that the annual dividend paid will be in the range of 50 to 70% of annual adjusted net profit after tax. TIL Logistics intends to pay dividends semi-annually, typically in September and March of each year, and to impute dividends fully, if possible given the level of imputation credits available.

Please note: TIL Logistics’ dividend policy is subject to change at any time.

Visit NZX.com for more information about TIL Logistics’ dividend payments, including imputation credits.


reinvestment plan

On 28 August 2018, the company established a Dividend Reinvestment Plan which offers eligible shareholders the opportunity to reinvest any dividends received on some or all of their existing shares, into additional shares, free of brokerage charges.

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