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Spark New Zealand Ltd. Dividend History.


Please note that the bar chart below utilizes only the declared dividend and any Special dividend.  It DOES NOT include

imputation credits (for NZ residents) and /or supplementary dividends (which are for non residents).  Information on

Imputation credits and Supplementary dividends may be either found further down this page or on the NZX website.

Latest Dividend

Spark pays dividends on a semi-annual basis. A 100% imputed ordinary dividend of 12.5 cents per share was declared for H2 FY20.

For FY21, subject to no material adverse changes in operating outlook, Spark anticipates paying an annual total dividend of 23-25 cents per share 100% imputed. 

The dividend reinvestment plan has been reinstated for the H2 FY20 dividend after being suspended in 2015. Shares issued under the dividend reinvestment plan will be issued at a 2% discount to the prevailing market price around the time of issue. The last date for shareholders to elect to participate in the dividend reinvestment plan for the H2 FY20 dividend is 21 September 2020.

If shareholders previously participated in the dividend reinvestment plan they will need to re-elect to participate. Previous elections have not been retained.

Spark’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan Offer Document and Participation Notice can be found on the Dividend Reinvestment Plan page of this website.

H2 FY20 Ordinary Dividends
Dividends declared
Ordinary Shares12.5 cents
American Depositary Shares*41.36 US cents
Percentage imputed100%
Imputation credits per share4.8611 cents
Supplementary dividend per share**2.2059 cents
‘Ex’ dividend dates
New Zealand Stock Exchange17 Sep 20
Australian Securities Exchange17 Sep 20
American Depositary Shares 17 Sep 20
Record dates
New Zealand Stock Exchange18 Sep 20
Australian Securities Exchange18 Sep 20
American Depositary Shares 18 Sep 20
Payment dates
New Zealand and Australia2 Oct 20
American Depositary Shares13 Oct 20

*Based on the exchange rate of NZ$1 to US$0.6616949 and a ratio of five ordinary shares per one American Depositary Share. The actual exchange rate used for conversion is determined in the week prior to payment when the Bank of New York performs the physical currency conversion. 

**Supplementary dividends are paid to non-resident shareholders.

Dividend History

Ordinary Shares

(all cash figures in NZ currency)

DividendCPSImputation Credits (cps)DRP Strike PriceAUD FX RateDate Paid
H2 FY2012.54.86114.51240.92492 Oct 20
H1 FY2012.53.6458Suspended0.98803 Apr 20
H2 2019 Special Dividend1.50.4375Suspended0.93254 Oct 19
H2 201911.03.2083Suspended0.93254 Oct 19
H1 2019 Special Dividend1.50.4375Suspended0.96695 Apr 19
H1 201911.03.2083Suspended0.96695 Apr 19
H2 2018 Special Dividend1.50.4375Suspended0.91615 Oct 18
H2 201811.03.2083Suspended0.91615 Oct 18
H1 2018 Special Dividend1.50.4375Suspended0.93356 Apr 18
H1 201811.03.2083Suspended0.93356 Apr 18
H2 2017 Special Dividend1.50.4375Suspended0.91316 Oct 17
H2 201711.04.2778Suspended0.91316 Oct 17
H1 2017 Special Dividend1.50.4375Suspended0.91767 Apr 17
H1 201711.04.2778Suspended0.91767 Apr 17
H2 2016 Special Dividend1.50.5833Suspended0.95127 Oct 16
H2 201611.04.2778Suspended0.95127 Oct 16
H1 2016
1.50.5833Suspended0.88541 Apr 16
H1 201611.04.2778Suspended0.88541 Apr 16
H2 201511.04.2778Suspended0.904359 Oct 15
H1 20159.03.52.96860.9793510 Apr 15
H2 20149.03.52.95910.889810 Oct 14
H1 20148.02.33332.39120.9354311 Apr 14
H2 20138.02.33332.27220.88354 Oct 13
H1 20138.02.33332.27180.793555 Apr 13
H2 201211.03.20832.34180.78855 Oct 12
H1 20129.03.52.39940.78025 Apr 12

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

A Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) operates for Spark New Zealand shares.

The Dividend Reinvestment Plan lets shareholders conveniently increase their investment in Spark New Zealand without incurring brokerage fees.

Participation in the Plan is entirely optional. If you wish to increase your investment in Spark New Zealand, you can enrol in the Plan and Spark New Zealand will reinvest your dividends in additional Shares and pay for them with the net proceeds of your cash dividends.

If dividends are an important income source, you can do nothing and you will continue to receive all future dividends as cash without reinvesting the net proceeds or you can choose to receive a mix of both cash dividends and Shares.

Please find below Spark’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan Offer Document and Participation Notice.

Please read the booklet thoroughly and consult your own financial adviser if you have any questions.

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