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Tilt Renewables Dividend History.

(Note dividends shown in AUD)

As of 30/11/2018  1 AUD = 1.0626 NZD

Dividend history

Tilt Renewables has been established to invest into the renewable energy sector and with a large development pipeline requiring equity, does not have a fixed approach for payment of dividends. This chart details the dividends paid to shareholders since the demerger.

We have paid the following recent dividends;

  • 1.60 cents (AUD) November 2018
  • 1.80 cents (AUD) June 2018
  • 1.25 cents (AUD) December 2017
  • 2.25 cents (AUD) June 2017
  • 3.0 cents (AUD) December 2016

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