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Telstra Dividend History.


Please note that the bar chart below utilizes only the declared dividend and any Special dividend.  It DOES NOT include

imputation credits (for NZ residents) and /or supplementary dividends (which are for non residents).  Information on

Imputation credits and Supplementary dividends may be either found further down this page or on the NZX website.

(Note dividends shown in AUD)

As of 23/9/2016  1 AUD = 1.0452 NZD


Subject to Board approval, Telstra pays an interim dividend in March and a final dividend in September.


PeriodEx dividend dateDate paidFranked amountUnfranked amountDescriptionDRP price
2H1624-Aug-201623-Sep-20160.1550.00Final Dividend5.2587
1H161-Mar-2016 1-Apr-20160.1550.00Interim Dividend5.1452
2H1525-Aug-2015 25-Sep-20150.1550.00Final Dividend5.6542
1H1525-Feb-2015 27-Mar-20150.150.00Interim Dividendn/a
2H1427-Aug-2014 26-Sep-20140.150.00Final Dividendn/a
1H1424-Feb-201428-Mar-20140.1450.00Interim Dividendn/a
2H1319-Aug-201320-Sep-20130.140.00Final Dividendn/a
1H1318-Feb-201322-Mar-20130.140.00Interim Dividendn/a
2H1220-Aug-201221-Sep-20120.140.00Final Dividendn/a
1H1220-Feb-201223-Mar-20120.140.00Interim Dividendn/a
2H1122-Aug-201123-Sep-20110.140.00Final Dividendn/a
1H1121-Feb-201125-Mar-20110.140.00Interim Dividendn/a
2H1023-Aug-201024-Sep-20100.140.00Final Dividendn/a
1H1022-Feb-201026-Mar-20100.140.00Interim dividendn/a
2H0924-Aug-200925-Sep-20090.140.00Final Dividendn/a
1H0906-Mar-200909-Apr-20090.140.00Interim Dividendn/a
2H0825-Aug-200826-Sep-20080.140.00Final Dividend4.2696
1H0803-Mar-200804-Apr-20080.140.00Interim Dividend4.3272
2H0720-Aug-200721-Sep-20070.140.00Final Dividendn/a
1H0726-Feb-200730-Mar-20070.140.00Interim dividendn/a
2H0621-Aug-200622-Sep-20060.140.00Final Dividendn/a
1H0620-Feb-200624-Mar-20060.060.00Special Interim Dividendn/a
1H0620-Feb-200624-Mar-20060.140.00Interim Dividendn/a
2H0526-Sep-200531-Oct-20050.140.00Final Dividendn/a
2H0526-Sep-200531-Oct-20050.060.00Special Dividendn/a
1H0524-Mar-200529-Apr-20050.060.00Special Interim Dividendn/a
1H0524-Mar-200529-Apr-20050.140.00Interim Dividendn/a
2H0420-Sep-200429-Oct-20040.130.00Final Dividendn/a
1H0422-Mar-200430-Apr-20040.130.00Interim Dividendn/a
2H0322-Sep-200331-Oct-20030.120.00Final Dividendn/a
1H0317-Mar-200330-Apr-20030.120.00Interim dividendn/a
1H0317-Mar-200330-Apr-20030.030.00Special Dividendn/a
2H0216-Sep-200228-Oct-20020.110.00Final dividendn/a
1H0218-Mar-200229-Apr-20020.110.00Interim dividendn/a
2H0117-Sep-200126-Oct-20010.110.00Final dividendn/a
1H0119-Mar-200127-Apr-20010.080.00Interim dividendn/a
2H0018-Sep-200027-Oct-20000.100.00Final dividendn/a
1H0020-Mar-200028-Apr-20000.040.04Interim dividendn/a
2H9920-Sep-199929-Oct-19990.100.16Final dividend (includes $0.16 special dividend)n/a
1H9922-Mar-199930-Apr-19990.070.00Interim dividendn/a
2H9822-Sep-199830-Oct-19980.070.00Final dividendn/a
1H9826-Feb-199831-Mar-19980.070.00Interim dividendn/a


Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Find out more about your dividend reinvestment plan

Telstra operates a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) where eligible shareholders can reinvest either all or part of their dividend payments into additional fully paid Telstra shares. No brokerage or other transaction costs are payable by shareholders on shares acquired under the DRP.

Telstra expects shares allocated to participants under the DRP to be sourced through an on-market purchase and transfer of shares to participating shareholders. 

Key features of the DRP - read the DRP Rules here (PDF, 2MB)

  • Participation in the DRP is optional and available to shareholders with registered addresses in Australia and New Zealand;
  • No discount will apply to the allocation price under the DRP and no new share capital will be issued;
  • Shareholders may participate for all or part of their shareholding and there is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of their shares that may participate;
  • Shares allocated under the DRP will rank equally with existing shares on issue;
  • Statements will be provided for each dividend the DRP applies to;
  • Once a shareholder elects to participate, the DRP will continue to apply for future dividend payments, unless a participating shareholder advises otherwise;
  • The Telstra Foundation will oversee a mechanism to donate any residual amount to selected charities. Shareholders may elect to opt out of donating their residual and roll forward any residual amount to the next payment.

Telstra recommends shareholders seek financial advice and read the full terms and conditions set out in the DRP Rules (PDF, 2MB) before deciding whether to participate.

In order to participate in the DRP for a dividend, shareholders need to ensure their DRP participation form is lodged, or their online election is made, by the relevant DRP election date.

Please refer below for further information on our DRP including Frequently Asked Questions.


Telstra’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) enables shareholders to reinvest dividends in additional Telstra ordinary shares. Features of the DRP include:

  • Increase your holding: The DRP is a convenient way of increasing your holding of Telstra shares.
  • No additional costs: Shares acquired by shareholders under the DRP are free of brokerage, commission or other transaction costs.
  • Participation is flexible: You may apply the DRP to part or all of your total shareholding.
  • Participation is optional: You may join, vary your participation or withdraw from the DRP at any time, subject to adequate notice being given.
  • Update details online: You may elect to participate, vary or cancel your DRP election online.
  • Franking credits still received: DRP participation does not affect your eligibility for franking credits.
  • Shares rank equally: Shares issued or transferred to you under the DRP rank equally with existing shares from the date of issue or transfer.
  • Treatment of residual amounts: The calculation of the allocation of shares under the DRP normally results in a residual amount. This is because your dividend amount will be used to acquire a whole number of shares, usually leaving a residual amount which is less than the price of one Telstra share. For each dividend, the value of that residual amount will be donated to a charity or charities of Telstra’s choosing. If you want to retain your residual amount, you can elect to opt out of donating it, in which case your residual amount will be carried forward, without interest, and added to your next dividend.
  • Dividend statement: For each dividend you will be provided with a dividend statement, which sets out details of your dividend amount, franking credits, the number of shares you have acquired under the DRP the allocation price you paid for each share as well as any residual amount donated/retained by you. Your dividend statement will be provided as soon as practicable after each dividend payment. This statement can be used as a tax receipt to claim your donation to charity if greater than $2.


Individual shareholders can elect to participate in the DRP online via Link Market Services website. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to www.linkmarketservices.com.au/telstra
2. Enter your SRN or HIN, your post code, the security code displayed and read and accept the terms and conditions. 
3. Select the Payment & Tax menu option, followed by Reinvestment Plans. Under the Action column, select edit instruction and nominate your plan option.

Please note, shareholders with a joint or company holding will need to complete and return the DRP participation form available under the Reinvestment Plans menu option.

Please contact the Telstra Share Registry, Link Market Services Limited, for further information:

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