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King Salmon investments ltd. Dividend History.

Dividend Policy


NZKS targeted dividend payout ratio is 50% of normalised Net Profit After Tax and reflects an ongoing investment required to improve overall fish performance / quality and unlock the full environmental and economic potential from the existing farm consents. We anticipate that any dividends will be fully imputed.

Dividends are declared at the Board’s discretion and will depend on our financial performance. The payment of dividends is not guaranteed, and our dividend policy may change over time. In declaring dividends, New Zealand King Salmon must comply with the solvency test under the Companies Act and the covenants in our banking facilities.


DividendRecord DatePayment Date AmountTax imputation credits (NZ$)Supplementary dividend (NZ$)Australian FX rate used shares on ASX
2017 Interim Dividend15 Mar 201724 Mar 2017
2017 Final Dividend7 Sept 201718 Sept 20172cps0.7777cps0.3529cps0.8907
2017 Special Dividend7 Sept 201718 Sept 20171cps0.3889cps0.1765cps0.8907
2018 Interim Dividend15 Mar 201823 Mar 20182cps0.7777cps0.3529cps0.9257
2018 Final Dividend12 Sept 201821 Sep 20183cps1.1667cps0.5294cps0.9067
2019 Interim Dividend13 Mar 201922 Mar 20192cps0.7777cps0.3529cps0.9567
2019 Final Dividend6 Sept 201920 Sept 20193cps1.1667cps0.5294cps0.9259

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