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Michael Hill Intl Dividend History.



Please note that the bar chart below utilizes only the declared dividend and any Special dividend.  It DOES NOT include

imputation credits (for NZ residents) and /or supplementary dividends (which are for non residents).  Information on

Imputation credits and Supplementary dividends may be either found further down this page or on the NZX website.

 Note the dividends shown below are in AUD.

As of 28-9- 2019 AUD$1 was worth 1.074176 NZ$

(Note dividends shown in AUD)

As of 28/9/2019  1 AUD = 1.0742 NZD

Dividend Paid
 TypeDate Paid
(to be paid)
Amount per
share ($A)
Imputation credits
per share ($NZ)
Franking credits
per share ($A)
2018/19Final27/09/20191.5 cents0.627433 centsNil
2018/19Interim27/03/20192.5 cents1.003917 centsNil
2017/18Final28/09/20182.5 cents1.061278 centsNil
2017/18Interim29/03/20182.5 cents1.045625 centsNil
2016/17Final29/09/20172.5 cents1.066722 cents0.000000 cents
2016/17Interim31/03/20172.5 cents1.045042 cents0.535714 cents
2015/16Final10/06/20162.5 cents1.002944 cents1.071429 cents
2015/16Interim01/04/2016NZ 2.5 centsNilNil
2014/15Final02/10/2015NZ 2.5 centsNilNil
2014/15Interim02/04/2015NZ 2.5 centsNil1.025571 cents
2013/14Final03/10/2014NZ 4.0 centsNil1.558583 cents
2013/14Interim01/04/2014NZ 2.5 centsNil0.987001 cents
2012/13Final04/10/2013NZ 4.0 centsNil1.507886 cents
2012/13Interim03/04/2013NZ 2.5 centsNil0.870623 cents
2011/12Final05/10/2012NZ 3.5 centsNil1.152396 cents
2011/12Interim02/04/2012NZ 2.0 centsNil0.668914 cents
2010/11Final10/10/2011NZ 3.0 centsNil1.019571 cents
2010/11Interim01/04/2011NZ 1.5 centsNil0.483621 cents
2009/10Final11/10/2010NZ 2.5 centsNil0.850714 cents
2009/10Interim01/04/2010NZ 1.5 centsNil0.504900 cents
2008/09Final12/10/2009NZ 1.5 centsNil0.526050 cents
2008/09Interim02/04/2009NZ 1.0 cents0.428571 cents0.341357 cents
2007/08Final13/10/2008NZ 2.0 cents0.985074 cents0.687857 cents
2007/08Interim01/04/2008NZ 1.2 cents0.591044 cents0.446863 cents
2006/07Final15/10/2007NZ 1.6 cents0.788059 cents0.592663 cents
2006/07Interim02/04/2007NZ 1.0 cents0.492537 cents0.382157 cents
2005/06Final16/10/2006NZ 1.4 cents0.689552 cents0.501600 cents
2005/06Interim03/04/2006NZ 0.9 cents0.443283 cents0.354094 cents
2004/05Final17/10/2005NZ 1.4 cents0.689552 cents0.552000 cents
2004/05Interim29/03/2005NZ 0.9 cents0.443283 cents0.350961 cents

The Company performed a share split of 10:1 on 17 November 2007 and the dividend per share information is based on the revised share numbers.

Dividend Policies

Dividend Distribution Policy

The current dividend distribution policy of Michael Hill International Limited (Distribution Policy), adopted upon ASX listing, is set out below.


The board is committed to a policy of providing consistent dividend streams to shareholders while maintaining a strong balance sheet and retaining flexibility to meet the businesses financial needs.

Policy Guidelines

(a) Dividends declared will take into account current year earnings, trading outlook in our various markets, capital requirements and desired long term capital structure.
(b) The target equity ratio is in the range of 50% to 70% however abnormal circumstances or events could take the equity ratio outside this range from time to time.
(c) Other relevant economic factors can also impact the company’s Distribution Policy and the board reserves the right to set dividends taking into account any external factors affecting the business.
(d) Wherever possible dividends will be fully imputed however this is dependent on the level of imputation credits available to attach at the time of payment.

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