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Mercury NZ Limited Dividend History.


Please note that the bar chart below utilizes only the declared dividend and any Special dividend.  It DOES NOT include

 imputation credits (for NZ residents) and /or supplementary dividends (which are for non residents).  Information on

 Imputation credits and Supplementary dividends may be either found further down this page or on the NZX website.

latest dividend


Interim dividend 2017

Interim Dividend of 5.8 cents per share (fully imputed) to be paid on 3 April.


Final dividend 2016

Final Dividend of 8.6 cents per share (fully imputed) is payable on 30 September.


Special dividend 2016

Special Dividend of 4.0 cents per share (unimputed) is payable on 30 September.

Our Dividend Policy

Mercury’s dividend policy is to make distributions with a pay-out ratio of 70% to 85% of Free Cash Flow on average over time subject to the board’s due consideration of the Company’s working capital requirements and medium-term asset investment programme; a sustainable financial structure for the company, recognising the Company’s targeted long-term credit rating of BBB+ assigned by S&P (or equivalent from another recognised credit rating agency); and the risks from predicted short and medium-term economic, market and hydrological conditions, and estimated financial performance.

The Board will seek to maintain consistency on a dividend per share basis from year to year while maintaining the dividend pay-out ratio on average over time.

Free Cash Flow is Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities less normalised stay-in-business capital expenditure.

Dividend payments are expected to be split into an interim dividend paid in April, targeting 40% of the total expected dividend for the financial year, and a final dividend paid in September.

It is the intention of the Board to attach imputation credits to dividends to the extent they are available. Details of past dividends and declared dividends announced can be found below under Historical Dividends.

Historical dividends


Record Date

Payment Date


Tax imputation credits for resident shareholders (NZ$)

Supplementary dividend for non-resident shareholders (NZ$)

Australian exchange rate used for shares held on ASX

2017 Interim Dividend

15 March

3 April

5.8 cps

2.26 cps

1.02 cps


2016 Final Dividend

14 September

30 September

8.6 cps

3.34 cps

1.52 cps


2016 Special Dividend

14 September

30 September

4.0 cps

0.00 cps

0.00 cps


2016 Interim Dividend

11 March

31 March

5.7 cps

2.22 cps

1.01 cps


2015 Special Dividend

14 September

30 September

2.5 cps

0.97 cps

0.44 cps


2015 Final Dividend

14 September

30 September


3.27 cps

1.48 cps


2015 Interim Dividend

12 March

31 March

5.6 cps

2.18 cps

0.99 cps


2015 Special Dividend

20 November

11 December

5.0 cps

1.94 cps

0.88 cps


2014 Interim Dividend

12 March

31 March

5.2 cps

2.02 cps

0.92 cps


2014 Final Dividend

3 September

30 September

8.3 cps

3.23 cps

1.46 cps


2013 Final Dividend

11 September

30 September

7.2 cps

2.80 cps

1.27 cps


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