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Kathmandu Holdings Dividend History.



Please note that the bar chart below utilizes only the declared dividend and any Special dividend.  It DOES NOT include

imputation credits (for NZ residents) and /or supplementary dividends (which are for non residents).  Information on

Imputation credits and Supplementary dividends may be either found further down this page or on the NZX website.

Investor Relations

Results & Reports

Click on the report titles to download the PDF or navigate to the results website.
24-Nov-2010Annual General Meeting Webcast
24-Nov-2010Annual General Meeting Results Announcement
24-Nov-2010Annual Report
24-Sep-2010Preliminary Final Report - ASX Pack
24-Sep-2010Preliminary Final Report - NZX Pack
18-Mar-2010Half Year Announcement - ASX Pack
18-Mar-2010Half Year Announcement - NZX Pack
18-Nov-2011Annual Report
21-Sep-2011Full Year Announcement - ASX Pack
21-Sep-2011Full Year Announcement - NZX Pack
17-Mar-2011Half Year Announcement - ASX Pack
17-Mar-2011Half Year Announcement - NZX Pack
16-Nov-2012Annual General Meeting Results Announcement
16-Nov-2012Sustainability Report
16-Nov-2012Annual Report
20-Sep-2012Full Year Announcement - ASX Pack
20-Sep-2012Full Year Announcement - NZX Pack
21-Mar-2012Half Year Announcement - ASX Pack
21-Mar-2012Half Year Announcement - NZX Pack
20-Nov-2013KMD Chairman`s address to AGM 20 November 2013
20-Nov-2013KMD Appointment of Director - David Kirk
20-Nov-2013KMD Trading Update 16 weeks to 17 November 2013
20-Nov-2013KMD AGM Presentation 20 November 2013
20-Nov-2013Sustainability Report
20-Nov-2013Annual Report
24-Sep-2013Full Year Annoucement - ASX Pack
24-Sep-2013Full Year Announcement - NZX Pack
26-Mar-20131H FY13 Announcement - ASX Pack
26-Mar-20131H FY13 Announcement - NZX Pack
26-Mar-2013Interim Report 2013
24-Mar-20141H FY14 Announcement - ASX Pack
24-Mar-20141H FY14 Announcement - NZX Pack
24-Mar-2013Interim Report 2014
23-Sep-2014Full year announcement ASX pack
23-Sep-2014Full year announcement NZX pack
21-Nov-2014Annual Report 2014
21-Nov-2014Sustainability Report 2014
24-Mar-20151H FY15 Announcement - ASX Pack
24-Mar-20151H FY15 Annoucement - NZX Pack
24-Mar-2015Interim Report
06-Aug-2015Target Company Statement
29-Sep-20152H FY15 Announcement - ASX Pack
29-Sep-20152H FY15 Announcement - NZX Pack
20-Nov-20152015 Annual Report to Shareholders
20-Nov-20152015 Sustainability Report
22-Mar-20161H FY16 Announcement - ASX Pack
22-Mar-20161H FY16 Announcement - NZX Pack
22-Mar-2016Interim 1H FY16 Report
21-Sep-2016FY16 final results - ASX pack
21-Sep-2016FY16 final results - NZX pack
13-Oct-20162016 Annual Report
13-Oct-20162016 Sustainability Report
21-Mar-20171H FY17 ASX Release
21-Mar-20171H FY17 NZX Release
21-Mar-20171H FY17 Interim Report
26-Sep-2017FY17 Final results ASX pack
26-Sep-2017FY17 Final results NZX pack
18-Oct-20172017 Annual Report
18-Oct-20172017 Sustainability Report
20-Mar-20181H FY18 Interim Report
20-Mar-20181H FY18 ASX Release
20-Mar-20181H FY18 NZX Release
18-Sep-2018FY18 Final Results ASX Pack
18-Sep-2018FY18 Final Results NZX Pack
12-Oct-20182018 Annual Report
12-Oct-20182018 Sustainability Report
26-Mar-20191H FY19 Interim Report
26-Mar-20191H FY19 ASX Release
26-Mar-20191H FY19 NZX Release

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