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23 November 2015
Dear Shareholder
Evolve Education Group Limited (“Evolve”) is pleased to introduce a new dividend reinvestment plan (“Plan”) pursuant to which Evolve shareholders may choose to reinvest all or part of their net cash dividends in additional ordinary Evolve shares.
Details of the Plan, including a summary of its key features, are set out in the enclosed Offer Document.
The Plan provides a convenient method for increasing your investment in Evolve by reinvesting dividends received on some or all of your existing Evolve shares in further Evolve shares free of brokerage charges or other costs. In respect of the interim dividend for the 2015-16 financial year which is payable on 18 December 2015, shares issued under the Plan will be issued at their market price or at a price as determined by the Evolve board (as detailed in the Plan).
Participation in the Plan is optional and you may elect to participate in respect of all or only some of your shares. If you wish to participate in the Plan, please complete the enclosed Participation Notice in accordance with the instructions on the Notice and return it to Evolve’s Share Registrar, Link Market Services Limited. Your completed Participation Notice can be returned at any time. However, in order to participate in the Plan for the 2015-16 interim dividend payable on 18 December 2015, your completed Participation Notice must be received by Link Market Services Limited by no later than 5.00pm, (New Zealand time) on Wednesday 9 December 2015.
Please read through the enclosed Offer Document carefully. If you have any questions, please contact your financial adviser, or other professional adviser. Evolve does not assume any liability or responsibility for providing tax or financial advice to any shareholder in respect of participation in the Plan.


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