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Arvida Group Ltd. Dividend History.

Dividend & Share Price Information 

Dividend Policy 

Arvida’s current dividend policy is to distribute between 50% and 70% of Underlying Profit1 per annum. Dividends are intended to be paid on a quarterly basis. 

Arvida intends to attach imputation credits only to the extent they are available from taxation payments. 

However, no guarantee can be given about the level or payment of dividends, the level of imputation of such dividends or the payout ratios as these matters depend upon the future profits and Arvida’s tax and financial position at the time.

1. Underlying Profit differs from net profit after tax (IFRS) and is unaudited. 

Dividend History 

Dividend PaidCash Amount per ShareImputation Credit per ShareGross Amount per Share
June 2015$0.0103$0.0024$0.0127
September 2015$0.0105$0.0035$0.0140
December 2015$0.0105$0.0035$0.0140
March 2016$0.0105$0.0035$0.0140
June 2016$0.0110$0.0040$0.0150
September 2016$0.0110$0.0040$0.0150
December 2016$0.0110$0.0040$0.0150
March 2017$0.0110$0.0040$0.0150
June 2017$0.0115$0.0040$0.0155
September 2017$0.0115$0.0040$0.0155
December 2017$0.0115$0.0040$0.0155
March 2018$0.0115$0.0040$0.0155
June 2018$0.0130$0.0025$0.0155
June 2018 (Special)$0.0026-$0.0026
September 2018$0.0130$0.0025$0.0155
December 2018$0.0130$0.0025$0.0155
March 2019$0.0130$0.0025$0.0155

Share Price 

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Financial Calendar 

Indicative timing for Arvida events are provided below: 

Third quarter dividend paid March
Balance date31 March
Release of preliminary resultsMay
Release of annual reportJune
Final quarter dividend paidJune
Shareholders meetingJuly
First quarter dividend paidSeptember
Interim result announcedNovember           
Second quarter dividend paidDecember

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