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AMP Dividend History.


Please note that the bar chart below utilizes only the declared dividend and any Special dividend.  It DOES NOT include

 imputation credits (for NZ residents) and /or supplementary dividends (which are for non residents).  Information on

 Imputation credits and Supplementary dividends may be either found further down this page or on the NZX website.

NOTE  the barchart below is showing  dividends for  calendar year.

As of 29/9/2017 1 AUD = 1.085732 NZD

As of 7/10/2016  1 AUD = 1.0593 NZD

(Note dividends shown in AUD)

As of 7/10/2016  1 AUD = 1.0593 NZD

Recent payment

The 2017 interim dividend payment was paid on 29 September 2017.


Past payments

Click here to view past dividend paymentspast capital return payments and past dividend reinvestment plan prices.

What to do if you do not receive your payment?

If you do not receive your dividend payment it is most likely because we do not have your correct bank account details. If we do not have your current bank account details you could have up to 10 payments owing.

Follow the instructions below to update your bank account details. Once you have provided your account details any outstanding payments will be forwarded to you within 28 days.


How to check and update your details
  • Click on the login to my shareholding button at the top right of the screen.
  • You will be taken to the Computershare Investor Centre where you can follow the prompts to login as either an existing or new user.
  • Once you are logged in, click on my profile on the right hand side under your name and select the information you wish to update.


Finding your holder number

The first time you log into your shareholding online you will need your AMP holder number. You can find this in the top right corner of your hard copy AMP dividend statement. If you can`t find your holder number, the AMP Investor Relations team can help. You can send us an email at shares@amp.com.au or call on 1800 245 500 (Australia) or +612 9257 9009 (other countries). You will need to provide your name, date of birth, phone number and the address on your shareholding.


Dividend payment process

AMP pays dividends twice a year. Shareholders can choose to receive their dividend by direct credit into their bank account or by receiving additional shares through the dividend reinvestment plan (DRP). The DRP is only available to residents of Australia and New Zealand. You can select or amend your dividend preference by following the login details above or by contacting the share registry.

AMP sets a record date for each dividend. The record date determines eligibility to receive the dividend, payment choice and contact details. Changes must be made by the record date to apply to the next dividend payment.



DividendPayment dateRecord dateAmount per shareFrankingDividend reinvestment plan priceForeign exchange rate
2017 interim29/09/1724/08/1714.5 cents90%A$5.02$NZ1.0957 / 0.6155
2016 final31/03/1723/02/1714 cents90%A$4.98$NZ1.0666/ 0.6132
2016 interim07/10/1601/09/1614 cents90%A$5.35$NZ1.0368 / 0.57221
2015 final08/04/1603/03/1614 cents90%A$5.69$NZ1.0907 / 0.5205
2015 interim09/10/1503/09/1514 cents85%A$5.75$NZ1.09622 / 0.45825
2014 final10/04/1505/03/1513.5 cents80%A$6.57$NZ1.042 / 0.5109
2014 interim10/10/1405/09/1412.5 cents70 %A$5.57$NZ1.126 / 0.5766
2013 final10/04/1407/03/1411.5 cents70%A$4.96$NZ1.0682 / 0.53915
2013 interim11/10/1306/09/1311.5 cents70%A$4.65


2012 final11/04/1308/03/1312.5 cents65%A$5.35 
2012 interim12/10/1207/09/1212.5 cents55%A$4.35 
2011 final05/04/1202/03/1214 cents50%A$3.94 
2011 interim14/10/1109/09/1215 cents30%A$3.91 
2010 final08/04/1104/03/1115 cents60%A$5.34
2010 interim15/10/1010/09/1015 cents60%A$5.01 
2009 final14/04/1001/03/1016 cents50%A$5.98 
2009 interim16/10/0911/09/0914 cents50%A$6.13 
2008 final09/04/0913/03/0916 cents85%A$4.46 
2008 interim17/10/0819/09/0824 cents85%A$7.06 
2007 final04/04/0807/03/0824 cents85%A$7.32 
2007 interim12/10/0714/09/0722 cents85%A$10.45 
2006 final12/04/0716/03/0721 cents85%A$10.37
2006 interim24/10/0629/09/0619 cents85%A$9.18 
2005 final26/04/0631/03/0618 cents75%A$8.78 
2005 interim25/10/0530/09/0514 cents75%A$7.30 
2004 final26/04/0501/04/0514 cents75%A$6.91 
2004 interim26/10/0401/10/0413 cents75%A$6.18 
2003 final27/04/0402/04/049 cents85%A$5.62 
2003 interim28/10/0303/10/037 cents15%A$6.80

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